PRACTICE: You should practice part of your game that you think needs working on. If your break isn’t working very well, you should spend time playing that shot a dozen times or more. If you find potting balls along a cushion difficult, you should practice this shot. Generally speaking, good potting is the key to success. So line up three or four balls in a certain part of the table and try to pot them in the in order. Example, if I missed, I will normally put them back and try to run out again. Remember to use your imaginary triangle line. This is where you want the Cue ball positioned for your next shot! You should always treat your practice seriously if you want to improve your game! 

Practice Sessions

During your practice sessions always be on the look out for opportunities to achieve multiple objectives with a single shot. Look for ways that you can move one or many of your balls into good positions while simultaneously tying up one of your opponents balls in such a way that be will not be able to run-out. When you achieve two or more goals with one shot, you effectively give yourself an extra turn at the table.


Breathing is useful to settle the body and mind and induce a heightened sense of Awareness. I include this with my Pre Routine Shot Exercises before a Match. During Stressful competition we rarely stop to think how important it is in our Billiard Game. Not only has this helped me with consistency but it has helped me to calm my Nerves over. Very important word.. “NERVES”. So try it out! I think you will agree on the Concept…